The Red map icons are Lighthouses we have visited around the Great Lakes & East Coast. The Yellow map icons are the Michigan Lighthouses we still need to visit, there are about 125 Michigan Lighthouses. Not all of these are actually “lighthouses”. Some are just light towers and others are small pier lights, nothing more than a short, steel column with a light on top.

Algoma North Pierhead Light Wisconsin 44.60684, -87.42955 Algoma, WI
Alpena Light Michigan 45.06022222,-83.42309167 Alpena, MI
Ashland Breakwater Light Wisconsin 46.62818, -90.87048 Ashland, WI
Asylum Point Lighthouse Wisconsin 44.062361, -88.514866 Oshkosh, WI
Au Sable Point Lighthouse Michigan 46.67306944,-86.13936944 Munising, MI
Baileys Harbor Front Range Light Wisconsin 45.07039, -87.11979 Baileys Harbor, WI
Baileys Harbor Rear Range Lighthouse Wisconsin 45.05587, -87.09704 Baileys Harbor, WI
Beaver Head Lighthouse Need to Visit 45.74267777,-85.5088277 Charlevoix, MI
Beaver Island Harbor Light (St. James Harbor) Need to Visit 45.57561111,-85.5735972 Charlevoix, MI
Bete Grise (Mendota) Lighthouse Need to Visit 47.37392777,-87.9668388 Calumet, MI
Big Bay Point Lighthouse Michigan 46.84143611,-87.68042778 Big Bay, MI
Big Sable Point Lighthouse Michigan 44.05763889,-86.51447222 Ludington, MI
Bodie Island Lighthouse East Coast 35.8186831, -75.5641794 Bodie Island, NC
Bois Blanc Island Lighthouse Michigan 45.81051944,-84.42089444 Bois Blanc Island
Bray's Point Lighthouse Wisconsin 44.007084, -88.519909 Oshkosh, WI
Calumet Harbor Breakwater Light Indiana 41.72604, -87.49336 Calumet City, IN
Calumet Harbor Lighthouse Wisconsin 43.915141, -88.332644 Malone, WI
Cana Island Lighthouse Wisconsin 45.0882, -87.04795 Baileys Harbor, WI
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse East Coast 35.2508060, -75.5298042 Cape Hatteras, NC
Cedar River Light Michigan 45.41025000,-87.35327778 Menominee, MI
Chambers Island Lighthouse Wisconsin 45.2022, -87.36481 Sister Bay, WI
Charity Island Lighthouse Michigan 44.03751389,-83.44116944 Au Gres, MI
Charlevoix South Pier Light Michigan 45.32021667,-85.26491111 Charlevoix, MI
Cheboygan Crib Light Michigan 45.65611944,-84.46557500 Cheboygan, MI
Cheboygan Old Lighthouse Ruins Need to Visit 45.66915277,-84.4197277 Cheboygan, MI
Cheboygan River Front Range Lighthouse Michigan 45.64731389,-84.47281111 Cheboygan, MI
Chequamegon Point Light Wisconsin 46.72857, -90.80911 Washburn, WI
Chicago Harbor Lighthouse Illinois 41.889281, -87.590567 Chicago, IL
Chicago Harbor Southeast Guidewall Light Illinois 41.88834, -87.60255 Chicago, IL
Cleveland East Entrance Ohio 41.54308, -81.65128 Cleveland, OH
Cleveland Harbor East Pierhead Light Ohio 41.510266, -81.715519 Cleveland, OH
Cleveland Harbor West Pierhead Light Ohio 41.50897, -81.7177 Cleveland, OH
Copper Harbor Front Range Need to Visit 47.46868333,-87.8664333 Calumet, MI
Copper Harbor Lighthouse Need to Visit 47.47422777,-87.8600527 Calumet, MI
Copper Harbor Rear Range Need to Visit 47.46736388,-87.8668138 Calumet, MI
Crisp Point Light Michigan 46.75289444,-85.25728333 Paradise, MI
Currituck Beach Lighthouse East Coast 36.3768259, -75.8316278 Corolla, NC
DeTour Reef Light Michigan 45.94901944,-83.90338611 St. Ignace, MI
Detroit River Light Michigan 42.00061111,-83.14070556 Detroit, MI
Devils Island Lighthouse Wisconsin 47.08, -90.7283 Bayfield, WI
Duluth Harbor North Pier Light Minnesota 46.780900, -92.088324 Dulth, MN
Duluth Harbor South Breakwater Inner Light Minnesota 46.778724, -92.092035 Dulth, MN
Duluth Harbor South Breakwater Outer Light Minnesota 46.780079, -92.087844 Dulth, MN
Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Wisconsin 45.16867, -87.23679 Sister Bay, WI
Eagle Harbor Lighthouse Need to Visit 47.45958888,-88.1592416 Calumet, MI
Eagle River Lighthouse Need to Visit 47.41356111,-88.2984500 Calumet, MI
Escanaba Crib Need to Visit 45.74649166,-87.0374944 Escanaba, MI
Fisherman's Road Lighthouse Wisconsin 43.873560, -88.362640 Malone, WI
Fond du Lac Lighthouse Wisconsin 43.797720, -88.437404 Fond du Lac, WI
Fort Gratiot Light Michigan 43.00629444,-82.42247222 Port Huron , MI
Forty Mile Point Lighthouse Michigan 45.48615000,-83.91365278 Cheboygan, MI
Fourteen Foot Shoal Light Michigan 45.67985000,-84.43435833 Cheboygan, MI
Fourteen Mile Point Lighthouse Need to Visit 46.99284166,-89.1256861 Houghton, MI
Frankfort North Breakwater Light Michigan 44.63083611,-86.25222778 Frankfort, MI
Frying Pan Island Need to Visit 46.49932222,-84.3391555 Sault Sainte Marie, MI
Grand Haven Pier Lights Michigan 43.05719722,-86.25380555 Grand Haven, MI
Grand Island East Channel Lighthouse Need to Visit 46.45662222,-86.6230583 Munising, MI
Grand Island Harbor Front Range (End Of Road) Michigan 46.438686, -86.692074 Munising, MI
Grand Island Harbor Rear Range (End Of Road) Michigan 46.43683611,-86.69130556 Munising, MI
Grand Island North Lighthouse Need to Visit 46.55939444,-86.6779583 Munising, MI
Grand Marais Harbor Front Range Michigan 46.68370833,-85.97209444 Grand Marais, MI
Grand Marais Harbor Rear Range Michigan 46.67665278,-85.97144722 Grand Marais, MI
Grand Traverse Lighthouse Michigan 45.21018056,-85.55008056 Northport, MI
Granite Island Lighthouse Need to Visit 46.72161666,-87.4117194 Marquette, MI
Grassy Island Front Range Light Wisconsin 44.536479, -88.005023 Green Bay, WI
Grassy Island Rear Range Light Wisconsin 44.536147, -88.005231 Green Bay, WI
Gravelly Shoal Light Need to Visit 44.01983055,-83.5383944 Au Gres, MI
Gray's Reef Light Station Michigan 45.76583056,-85.15348056 Mackinaw City, MI
Grosse Ile Light Need to Visit 42.16813611,-83.1398888 Detroit, MI
Grossepoint Lighthouse Illinois 42.063893, -87.676320 Evanston, IL
Gull Rock Lighthouse Need to Visit 47.41715277,-87.6639277 Calumet, MI
Harbor Beach Light Michigan 43.84545833,-82.63115000 Harbor Beach, MI
Holland Harbor Lighthouse Michigan 42.77266389,-86.21248611 Holland, MI
Huron Harbor Pierhead Light Ohio 41.40469, -82.543867 Huron, OH
Huron Island Lighthouse Need to Visit 46.96308055,-87.9990666 Baraga, MI
Jacobsville Lighthouse Need to Visit 46.97796388,-88.4140416 Houghton, MI
Keewanaw Waterway (Portage River) Lower Entrance Light Need to Visit 46.96876666,-88.4311500 Houghton, MI
Kenosha North Pier Light Wisconsin 42.5888, -87.8086 Kenosha, WI
Kenosha Old Lighthouse Wisconsin 42.5894, -87.81573 Kenosha, WI
Kewaunee South Pierhead Lighthouse Wisconsin 44.45724, -87.49299 Kewaunee, WI
Keweenaw Waterway Upper Entrance Need to Visit 47.23441111,-88.6304472 Hancock, MI
Kimberly Point Lighthouse Wisconsin 44.185647, -88.441795 Neenah, WI
La Pointe Light Wisconsin 46.7289, -90.7851 Bayfield, WI
Lake Saint Clair Light Need to Visit 42.46538888,-82.7545194 Roseville, MI
Lake St. Clair Old South Channel Front Need to Visit 42.55073000,-82.6507500 Roseville, MI
Lake St. Clair Old South Channel Rear Need to Visit 42.55904000,-82.6409600 Roseville, MI
Lansing Shoal Light Need to Visit 45.90367500,-85.5617416 Manistique, MI
Lightship Huron Michigan 42.98953333,-82.42656388 Port Huron, MI
Little Sable Light Michigan 43.65132778,-86.53956944 Hart, MI
Little Traverse Lighthouse Need to Visit 45.41948330,-84.9778916 Harbor Springs, MI
Lorain West Breakwater Lighthouse Ohio 41.477571, -82.190547 Lorain, OH
Ludington North Pierhead Light Michigan 43.95353055,-86.46948611 Ludington, MI
Manistee North Pierhead Light Michigan 44.25181388,-86.34697777 Manistee, MI
Manistique East Breakwater Light Michigan 45.94474167,-86.24762500 Manistique, MI
Manitou Island Light Need to Visit 47.41966111,-87.5870833 Calumet, MI
Manitowoc North Breakwater Lighthouse Wisconsin 44.09266, -87.64365 Manitowoc, WI
Marblehead Lighthouse Ohio 41.536412, -82.711807 Lakeside Marblehead, OH
Mariners Memorial Light Need to Visit 42.27097222,-83.1112750 River Rouge, MI
Marquette Harbor Lighthouse Michigan 46.54613889,-87.37556667 Marquette, MI
Marquette Lower Harbor Breakwater Light Michigan 46.53358333,-87.37477778 Marquette, MI
Martin Reef Light Michigan 45.91313611,-84.14859722 Mackinac Island, MI
McGulpin's Point Lighthouse Michigan 45.78710278,-84.77301389 Mackinaw City, MI
Menagerie Island Lighthouse Need to Visit 47.94796667,-88.75991389 Isle Royale, MI
Menominee North Pier Light Michigan 45.09723056,-87.58598333 Menominee, MI
Michigan City East Pierhead Light Indiana 41.72899, -86.91172 Michigan City, IN
Middle Island Light Need to Visit 45.19319722,-83.3210944 Alpena, MI
Middle Neebish (Lower Nicolet) Front Range Light Need to Visit 46.32451944,-84.1764250 Sault Sainte Marie, MI
Milwaukee Breakwater Lighthouse Wisconsin 43.02698, -87.88201 Milwaukee, WI
Milwaukee Pierhead Light Wisconsin 43.02596, -87.89539 Milwaukee, WI
Minneapolis Shoal Light Need to Visit 45.58150000,-86.9985222 Escanaba, MI
Munising Front Range Light Michigan 46.41494444,-86.66133611 Munising, MI
Munising Rear Range Light Michigan 46.41246111,-86.66404722 Munising, MI
Muskegon South Breakwater Need to Visit 43.22401388,-86.3469388 Muskegon, MI
Muskegon South Pierhead Michigan 43.22661110,-86.34134440 Muskegon, MI
New Cape Henry Light East Coast 36.9264638, -76.0074090 Virginia Beach, VA
North Manitou Island Shoal Light Michigan 45.01997222,-85.95665278 Leland, MI
North Point Lighthouse Wisconsin 43.06558, -87.8714 Milwaukee, WI
Old Baileys Harbor Lighthouse Wisconsin 45.05587, -87.09704 Baileys Harbor, WI
Old Cape Henry Light East Coast 36.92581198, -76.00831031 Virginia Beach, VA
Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse Michigan 45.78750833,-84.72960000 Mackinaw City, MI
Old Michigan City Lighthouse Indiana 41.722947, -86.906169 Michigan City, IN
Old Mission Point Lighthouse Michigan 44.99128611,-85.47950278 Traverse City, MI
Old Port Clinton Lighthouse Ohio 41.515977,-82.946831 Port Clinton, OH
Ontonagon Lighthouse Need to Visit 46.87334722,-89.3258916 Ontanagon, MI
Ontonagon West Pierhead Need to Visit 46.87937222,-89.3309194 Ontanagon, MI
Passage Island Lighthouse Need to Visit 48.22346388,-88.3657611 Calumet, MI
Peche Island Old Rear Range Light Need to Visit 42.71633333,-82.4915694 Marine City, MI
Peninsula Point Light Michigan 45.66803333,-86.96697778 Escanaba, MI
Pentwater Pier Lights Michigan 43.78152777,-86.44413888 Pentwater, MI
Peshtigo Reef Light Wisconsin 44.9538, -87.579 Peshtigo, WI
Petoskey Pierhead Need to Visit 45.38010555,-84.9615583 Petoskey, MI
Pilot Island Lighthouse Wisconsin 45.28442, -86.91959 Northport, WI
Pipe Island Lighthouse Michigan 46.01620555,-83.89958888 St. Ignace, MI
Plum Island Range Lighthouse Wisconsin 45.30769, -86.95817 Northport, WI
Poe Reef Light Michigan 45.69451111,-84.36190556 Cheboygan, MI
Point Betsie Lighthouse Michigan 44.69125000,-86.25533611 Frankfort, MI
Point Iroquois Lighthouse Michigan 46.48425000,-84.63237222 Sault Sainte Marie, MI
Pointe Aux Barques Lighthouse Michigan 44.02278333,-82.79323889 Port Hope, MI
Port Austin Reef Light Michigan 44.08170000,-82.98187500 Port Austin, MI
Port Sanilac Lighthouse Michigan 43.42898888,-82.54018888 Port Sanilac, MI
Port Washington Breakwater Light Wisconsin 43.38527, -87.85965 Port Washington, WI
Port Washington Lighthouse Wisconsin 43.391, -87.86774 Port Washington, WI
Potawatomi Lighthouse Wisconsin 45.42757, -86.82813 Northport, WI
Poverty Island Lighthouse Michigan 45.52246667,-86.66664167 Escanaba, MI
Presque Isle Harbor Light Michigan 46.57459167,-87.37575000 Marquette, MI
Presque Isle Lighthouse (New) Michigan 45.35647778,-83.49232222 Alpena, MI
Presque Isle Lighthouse (Old) Michigan 45.34197500,-83.47824167 Alpena, MI
Presque Isle Old Front Range Light Need to Visit 45.33801944,-83.4917305 Alpena, MI
Presque Isle Old Rear Range Lighthouse Need to Visit 45.33805277,-83.4938833 Alpena, MI
Racine Harbor Lighthouse Wisconsin 42.7341, -87.77825 Racine, WI
Racine North Breakwater Light Wisconsin 42.734569, -87.772006 Racine, WI
Racine South Breakwater Light Wisconsin 42.733364, -87.771835 Racine, WI
Raspberry Island Lighthouse Museum Wisconsin 46.97015, -90.805075 Bayfield, WI
Rawley Point Lighthouse Wisconsin 44.21063, -87.50886 Two Rivers, WI
Roanoke Marshes [Replica] Lighthouse East Coast 35.9081006, -75.6683778 Manteo, NC
Roanoke River [Replica] Lighthouse East Coast 35.8648478, -76.7493724 Plymouth, NC
Robert H. Manning Memorial Light Michigan 44.81425278,-86.06723333 Empire, MI
Rock Harbor Lighthouse Need to Visit 48.08972222,-88.57931111 Isle Royale, MI
Rock of Ages Light Need to Visit 47.86591666,-89.3148861 Calumet, MI
Round Island Lighthouse Michigan 45.83721111,-84.61687500 Mackinac Island, MI
Round Island Lighthouse (St. Mary's River) Need to Visit 46.10899444,-84.0199361 Sault Sainte Marie, MI
Round Island Passage Need to Visit 45.84298333,-84.6155416 Mackinac Island, MI
Saginaw River Range Lighthouse Michigan 43.63545556,-83.85048056 Bay City, MI
Saint Clair Flats Front Range Lights Need to Visit 42.5379,-82.69326 Roseville, MI
Saint Clair Flats Rear Range Lights Need to Visit 42.539436,-82.689952 Roseville, MI
Saint Helena Island Lighthouse Michigan 45.85500278,-84.86366389 St. Ignace, MI
Saint Joseph North Pier Lights Michigan 42.11605000,-86.49348055 St. Joseph, MI
Saint Martin Island Light Need to Visit 45.50352500,-86.7580722 Escanaba, MI
Sand Hills Lighthouse Need to Visit 47.39185277,-88.3705527 Calumet, MI
Sand Island Lighthouse Wisconsin 47.0031, -90.93744 Bayfield, WI
Sand Point Lighthouse Michigan 45.74468333,-87.04475556 Escanaba, MI
Sand Point Lighthouse Michigan 46.78330556,-88.46689444 Baraga, MI
Sandusky Harbor Pierhead Light Ohio 41.499266, -82.674570 Sandusky, OH
Seul Choix Point Lighthouse Michigan 45.92128889,-85.91218333 Gulliver, MI
Sheboygan Breakwater Light Wisconsin 43.74955, -87.6927 Sheboygan, WI
Sherwood Point Lighthouse Wisconsin 44.8922, -87.4334 Idlewild, WI
Six Mile Point Front Range Light Michigan 45.992688,-83.899338 St. Ignace, MI
Six Mile Point Rear Range Light Michigan 45.999347,-84.349937 St. Ignace, MI
Skillagalee Island Light Need to Visit 45.67626388,-85.1723222 Mackinaw City, MI
South Fox Island Lighthouse New Need to Visit 45.378538, -85.837263 Charlevoix, MI
South Fox Island Lighthouse Old Need to Visit 45.377741, -85.838677 Charlevoix, MI
South Haven South Pier Light Michigan 42.40136388,-86.288 South Haven, MI
South Manitou Island Lighthouse Michigan 45.00753889,-86.09385000 South Haven, MI
Spectacle Reef Light Need to Visit 45.77320000,-84.1367000 Mackinac Island, MI
Splitrock Lighthouse Minnesota 47.199999, -91.366959 Two Harbors, MN
Squaw Island Lighthouse Need to Visit 45.84000000,-85.5872305 Manistique, MI
Stannard Rock Light Need to Visit 47.18345000,-87.2251583 Marquette, MI
Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Lighthouse Wisconsin 44.79501, -87.31338 Sturgeon Bay, WI
Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal North Pierhead Light Wisconsin 44.79212, -87.30956 Sturgeon Bay, WI
Sturgeon Point Lighthouse Michigan 44.71268611,-83.27267222 Harrisville, MI
Tawas Point Lighthouse Michigan 44.25372500,-83.44952500 Tawas City, MI
Thunder Bay Island Light Need to Visit 45.03720277,-83.1942305 Alpena, MI
Tri-Centennial State park Light Need to Visit 42.33223333,-83.0249583 Detroit, MI
Two Harbors East Breakwater Light Minnesota 47.010609, -91.669571 Two Harbors, MN
Two Harbors Lighthouse Minnesota 47.013888, -91.663919 Two Harbors, MN
Two Rivers North Pierhead Light Wisconsin 44.1529, -87.5621 Two Rivers, WI
Vermilion Lighthouse Replica Ohio 41.425115, -82.366526 Vermilion, OH
Waugoshance Shoal Light Michigan 45.78613333,-85.09100833 Mackinaw City, MI
Waukegan Harbor Light Illinois 42.360682, -87.813459 Waukegan, IL
Wawatam Need to Visit 45.86591111,-84.7154000 St. Ignace, MI
White River Lighthouse Michigan 43.37480555,-86.42429444 Whitehall, MI
White Shoal Light Michigan 45.84163333,-85.13569722 Mackinaw City, MI
Whitefish Point Light Michigan 46.77112778,-84.95744722 Paradise, MI
William Livingston Memorial Light Michigan 42.34699722,-82.954325 Detroit, MI
Wind Point Lighthouse Wisconsin 42.78115, -87.75839 Racine, WI
Windmill Point Light Michigan 42.35758889,-82.92986667 Detroit, MI