This fun for the family outdoor “game” is the reason for the ABXGuy domain. In order to play, a user creates a “handle” to be used on the website, mine is ABXGuy and has been since 2001 when I joined. The game was a lot different back then from what it is today, many changes have been implemented over the years, some good, some not so good in my opinion but it’s still a way for the family to get out and explore their hometown or vacation destination.

There are millions of geocaches worldwide and probably even some near you right now. Visit to see just how many geocaches are nearby and to get the free Official Geocaching app.

Source: Geocaching


Finally completed the map of lighthouses and created Photo Albums of the lighthouses by state. Next I’ll update the Sportsmobile page.

Fire Ring

I found this fire ring online that I’d like to get for our fire pit out back behind the house. Finish it off by adding a few rows of bricks around the outside. I like the flip over grate for cooking those T-bone steaks over the fire. Available fromĀ Visionmasters Equipment Company.




I finally got around to putting our new web site together. It only took about a year and a half. Details to follow on our lighthouse adventures, our Sportsmobile, and more. Thanks for stopping by.